M. K. Čiurlionis scholarships award ceremony 2021

Ceremony of awarding the 2nd M. K. Čiurlionis Scholarship to the students of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater (LMTA) and Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts (VDA).

The 2021 scholarships has been awarded to Lukas Butkus, a second-year bachelor student of Composition at LMTA, who has proposed Auto-da-fé, a syncretic concerto for piano and Denisas Kolomyckis, an actor, creator of interdisciplinary art, a fourth-year bachelor student of Sculpture at Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts for the idea of creating of the theatrical performance Lucid Dream.

The online award ceremony took place on the LMTA TV platform on 15 February at 12 p.m., just before the celebration of the Restoration of the State Day of Lithuania.

The virtual ceremony was attended by: Lukas Butkus, a scholarship holder of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater, laureate of the Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts Denisas Kolomyckis, LMTA Rector prof. Zbignevas Ibelgauptas, Vice Rector of Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts Dr. Marius Iršėnas, representatives of M. K. Čiurlionis Society Saulius Valius (Chair), Vincas Matonis and Rokas Zubovas.

During the ceremony, the rectors of the Academies, representatives of the M. K. Čiurlionis Society gave congratulatory words, and the winners of the scholarships will present the artistic projects proposed for the competition.

The regulations of the competition provide for two scholarships to be annually awarded: one for the LMTA students and the other for students of the Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts. Each scholarship is worth 5,000 Eur. This incentive, established by M. K. Čiurlionis’ Society, has already been awarded for the second year running.

This year jury consisted of:

LMTA: M. K. Čiurlionis’ Society representative Rokas Zubovas; Head of the LMTA Department of Composition Prof. Vaclovas Augustinas; Dr. Jonas Jurkūnas, lecturer at the LMTA Department of Composition; Chairman of the Lithuanian Composers’ Union, lecturer at the LMTA Department of Composition Dr. Mykolas Natalevičius; and Ana Ablamonova, Head of the LMTA Art Centre.

VDA: M. K. Čiurlionis’ Society representative Vincas Matonis; VDA Vice Rector for Arts and Science dr. Marius Iršėnas; VDA chief researcher dr. Algė Andriulytė; VDA lecturer Remigijus Gataveckas; director of the VDA museum dr. Vidas Poškus.

LMTA Rector, Prof. Zbignevas Ibelgauptas reveals: “M. K. Čiurlionis scholarship for young composers plays an extremely significant role for the creative youth at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, both as a real incentive and on a symbolic level too. Not only does it encourage aspiring musicians to develop their ambitious ideas, but it also makes Čiurlionis’ idealistic endeavours relevant for today’s context linking the composer’s creative aspirations with those of the young idealists of our time. It feels as if the visionary spirit of Čiurlionis is reborn in the work of the young.”

Rokas Zubovas, a representative of M. K. Čiurlionis’ Society, feels happy to have received more applications this year than previously: “This year, all the ideas submitted for the Čiurlionis Scholarship were intriguing, and the applications were thoroughly prepared. Since the very establishment of the Čiurlionis scholarship, the Society has expected this competition to encourage talented young composers to take on courageous ideas. Our aspirations seem to have resonated in the hearts of the young and we feel thrilled about it.”

Lukas Butkus

Auto-da-fé, a syncretic concert for piano, instrumental ensemble and four singers composed by Lukas Butkus is unique because it deploys a literary layer to be conveyed by the singers, while the text builds on Butkus’ own cycle of poems Auto-da-fé. Lukas, the author of the composition, has shared that “the word-for-word translation of the title means “the act of faith”. It tells a story of a form of idealistic love that goes beyond the boundaries of time, death and fear; about man’s eternal temporality.

Denisas Kolomyckis. Performance FLUQUS WEDDING. Contemporary Art Centre. Photo by Laura Vancevičienė

The director and actor of the play Lucid Dream will explore the relationship between psychological, emotional and physical aspects, using personal stories of unusual or difficult-to-express experiences. “The work reflects the ways in which we seek intimacy, in which we feel the desire to make contact and transcend the boundaries of our own skin, look at and talk about images, understand the formation of “traumatic experiences” stereotypes, convey the difficulties of being together in spite of everything.” – says Denisas Kolomyckis.

Sistema ir dizainas: Jonas Lekevičius